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Moving your own shipping container?

Moving your own shipping containerAre you looking to move your own shipping container with furniture, appliances and other personal household items, tools, etc with intermodal rail transport?

We offer a transportation of ISO standard shipping shipper's own containers, from Rail Terminal at origin to Rail Terminal at destination. The list of CN Intermodal Terminals where the interchanging is allowed is here.

Container has to carry a number. It may or may not be necessary to change a prefix of your container’s number to NONU, please call us at 1-800-354-9046 for more details.

As container is being loaded by you, or your crew, goods are transported as shipper’s load stow and count.

You may be required to arrange a delivery of your container to / from Intermodal Terminal, please advise your trucker that the hard hat, safety west and toe safety boots are a must. Access to the terminal will be denied without this safety features.

We can arrange transportation of your container by our truck to / from the Rail Terminal if requested. Our trucks do not have equipment for lifting/dropping off of the containers from/to the ground level, so crane at your place at origin and final destination will have to be arranged by you.

Container must be removed from Intermodal Terminal at destination in 48 hours upon arrival as storage charges may be applied thereafter.

If you still have questions then please refer to our FAQ section for more answers.

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